30th May 2018, St Roberts Centre, Harrogate

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  • Are you a small to medium enterprise, operating in the Harrogate area
  • Is cybercrime something that concerns you?
  • Are the majority of cyber events and support in larger cities and out of reach?

If so, the Yorkshire Cyber Project is delighted to extend an invitation to our event in Harrogate

About the event

Yorkshire Cyber will facilitate short but engaging and valuable cyber learning experience in Harrogate.

By using our specially designed, state of the art technology you will be able to ‘play’ at experiencing various types of cyber-attacks and learn the best way of dealing with them. We have a range of scenarios; you will use the ones that address the issues you tell us are most important to your business. The scenarios are based on real-life incidents and have been developed by cyber-security experts, with input from police cyber units and legal advisors.

The event will allow you to engage in a multi-way conversation with the event organisers and other attendees, anonymously, to gain more knowledge about how to prevent or respond to cyber attacks. Other cyber-security experts will also be present at the event for informative updates and advice.


14:00 – 16:00
30th May 2018


St Roberts Centre
St Roberts Centre
1-3 Robert St

Please bring a laptop running windows in order to use the platforms and run the scenarios.

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