Yorkshire Cyber will be hosting a series of events across Yorkshire and Humberside designed to aid SMEs in understanding cyber security and its potential impact on businesses.

Aim and Format

The Yorkshire Cyber events will help you to understand some of the risks you and your business face from an insecure cyber infrastructure or lack or cyber security planning.

We will use scenarios that are based on real experiences of real businesses through which you will be able to test yourself and your organisation in tackling a multitude of problems. Some will be fairly simple, for example losing data either by a mislaid device such as a laptop, or something more immediate such as a ransomware attack.

Using a new interactive platform you will participate in an immersive experience to help you appreciate what you need to do back in the workplace to make your business safer online. The scenarios will be delivered through the platform allowing discussion and debate with colleagues.

We will have a team of experienced staff to help your learn and better protect yourselves.

All of the events are designed to help you learn and are not assessments, likewise the discussions amongst the participants are to help you learn about cyber security through credible experiences and case studies. You will also be able to speak to key stakeholders and have informative updates from a range of agencies.

The events will be held in Barnsley, Beverley, Halifax, Harrogate, Scarborough and Shipley across April, May and June 2018.

Find out more about the individual events below.