Cyber Yorkshire is a collaboration between CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research) and and Stuart Hyde Associates supported by Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), which supports and develops knowledge-based interactions between universities / colleges and the wider world.


CENTRIC is a multi-disciplinary, security focused research centre at Sheffield Hallam University. CENTRIC collaborates with a number of academic, law enforcement, government and industrial partners from across the EU to provide solutions to some of Europe’s most pressing contemporary security challenges. By delivering ground-breaking research, advanced technological capabilities, and professional expertise and training to law enforcement and other security stakeholders, CENTRIC is in a unique position to offer innovative solutions informed by the operational reality of modern day law enforcement.


  • Alison Lyle (Project Lead)
  • Shahrzad Zargari
  • Sina Pournouri (Researcher)
  • Joe Saunders (Game Development)
  • Nathanael Maugard (Design)
  • Helen Grantham (Project Support)
  • Helen Gibson (Project Support)
  • Babak Akhgar (Principle Investigator)

Stuart Hyde Associates

Stuart Hyde QPM LLB

Stuart is an experienced Chief Police Officer (30 years police service), now Director and consultant. He has a vast array of skills at executive level particularly within Law Enforcement and the public sector. He motivates and drives developments through objective and caring support based on a clear tactical insight with a strategic vision. Prior to his retirement he was awarded the Queens Police Medal and an Honorary Doctorate in Technology for his engagement in Cybercrime reduction. His recent contributions include

      • Consultant designer and author online Cyber Security Course with leading UK an international learning organisation
      • Ambassador for the development of Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership in Yorkshire and Humberside
      • Director of Stuart Hyde Associates Ltd, successful business for 4 years, including providing consultancy services to UK’s leading Digital Forensic provider as Director of Solutions
      • Presentations at various conferences including Police and Private sector on Cyber Crime, Social Media and cyber Security
      • Recently member Europol Internet Security Board 2014 to 2017